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By feynman
When I import a cube from the library, scale it and rotate it a bit, the cubic or planar projector becomes skewed when rotated (to place a decal on one of the faces in a specific location); also when I click normalise (for a real scale material); also when I create a new projector. Also, one can see the XYZ axes are totally off and unrelated to the orientation of the object.

When I take an icosahedron or torus from the library, cubic or planar projectors (normalised or adjusted) behave normally and it is easy to slap on product graphics and place/rotate them as expected.

What's going on here? Thanks for some advice!

[img]https://www.dropbox.com/s/oma1uqvysdi1r ... 1.png?dl=0[/img]
[img]https://www.dropbox.com/s/jh1c9b0ryxnnw ... 2.png?dl=0[/img]

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By feynman
Thanks. Yes, that's the scene. I'm using 3 and 4. This particular scene is 3. Just plain weird. Also that zeroed objects show slight translations, when a realscale material is assigned.
By feynman
Yep. The same thing happens. Export OBJ data from NX, Alias or Catia. Import. Scale, place and rotate until happy. Assign realscale material - and the coordinate(s) change, but the object actually does not shift visibly, even weirder. If one then clicks Reset, one gets those "black triangles" and even odder visual effects.

This way, it is really hard to position and rotate assemblies in Maxwell Studio. It certainly is a bug.


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