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By Q2
thats the problem. i create three groups say for a cube, where the front and back are seperate groups and the rim is the third group. i then apply different materials like glass, plastic and matte glas to these groups and save the scene in studio. next time i open the scene two of my three triangle groups are missing an i have to create them again.

bug? feature?

anyone ?
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By T0M0
Works correctly here.

(I created cube, 3 triangle groups, applied 3 different materials, saved, rendered, closed, opened scene again and triangle groups were still there)

Win7x64 + Maxwell Studio
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By Q2
thing happens randomly here... sometimes they are all there, sometimes some dissapear.

and i have 5 different cubes and all my triangle groups have the same name per object. (front, back, sides)

maybe that creates a problem?
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By T0M0
Hmm... it still works correctly, even if I have multiple cubes with same name for triangle groups (personally I would never do this, naming convention should be unique for every object, triangle group, etc...).

Are you doing this in V3 or V4 ?
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By Q2
Q2 wrote:and is it correct that the triangle group name changes after reopening the scene from what i named it (front), to some thing like: "group glas"


Anyone? Cause right now it does not seem to bother what I name the triangle groups cause Maxwell Studio just changes it to " group Glas" for example, so why bother naming it correctly at all?
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