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By Q2
Hi guys, is there a way to animate a texture sort of like water spraying or flames flickering?

Just read that it might work with an ill file. But how did i create one?

Any ideas?

Cheer Q!
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By Nasok
Hey :)
Are you using Maxwell studio or via plugin for DCC ?
For instance, in my case (I'm using Maya | Maxwell) - I can insert an image sequence into a texture slot so - I see no issues here.
Animate you texture in something like After Effects - and you're good to go.
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By Q2
hi there, well actually i am using cinema to set up an animation and then export the whole scene via Maxwell plugin to be sent to my render farm.

I tried to insert an mov into a cinema material and have it converted to an maxwell material but without getting whaat I wanted. And inserting a mov into an maxwell material does not work either.

maybe I am just not thinking clearly right now.

In witch material do you load your image sequence and in what format are the images ( mov, gif, just plain jpg or?)

Thanks for the suggestions and help.!!!!

Cheers Q!
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By Nasok
well .. it all depends on what exactly are you trying to achieve.

For instance, if you want to have an animated Mask (that overtime reveals materials that is underneath) you could supply it to the .. well Layers mask slot.
Here in Maya I usually go with image sequence (mov - is a container and good for previewing, be for processing sequence is more stable). So just export your animation via image sequence (png or jpg sequence) and you should be good to go :)

Hope it helps.
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By Q2
Doesn't work in Cinema. By converting the texture that has the image sequence applied I loose the sequence and ONLY the first image is used by Maxwell. Bummer.
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By Nasok
Oh .. don't you have some sort of "tick" to check that the attached file is a sequence of file rather than just a single file ?
'cause in Maya it works the sam - by default it selects the first file only - but then near the file dialog box we have a "Chek box" to tick - if the supplied file should be treated as a sequence. Maybe you have something like that .. otherwise - I guess only videos (on relevant containers) would works. Maybe you wanna read what video containers / codecs C4D likes :)

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