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By fritz_johnson
Aloha All, quick question: is anyone successfully running the Denoise option on a system with a recent AMD processor?
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By fritz_johnson
James, thanks for your note - that's what I was afraid of - reading the Innobright / Altus FAQ, it appears AMD no longer supports CPU as an OpenCL device. I didn't realize this before purchasing the 2950X processors, it's a deeper level of research than I'm normally good for. Nice to have a fast chip, but a bummer not to be able to denoise,
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Fritz and James,

I've been investigating this and it looks like AMD dropped support for CPUs as an OpenCL device: https://community.amd.com/thread/230440
That's something of which I was not aware.

So it looks like the denoiser is not going to work currently in CPU mode with AMD processors however, Innobright added more fallback options in their latest SDK so it can run in more modes (for example in C++).
We have already included it in our internal versions, so it will be available in the next release. I couldn't test it yet, but I think it will work then.

Kind regards,
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By Forum Moderator
Hello again,

I have some good news. As Fritz let me remote into his computer I made a small (not risky, I hope you don't mind) experiment and installed Intel's OpenCL runtime on his computer and voilá. Now the denoiser is working using both CPU and GPU.
So, it looks like neither AMD nor Nvidia are including OpenCL runtimes in their drivers, but Intel ones can do the job.

This is what I installed to make it work: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-tdxS ... OzLj50nWD4

I'll add this to the documentation at the Denoiser page.

I hope this helps. Thank you Fritz for letting me test this on your machine!


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