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By William Usher

I would like to save from Alias to then open in Studio. I've asked about this before but never solved it. Save as OBJ doesn't work for me. Sometimes the OBJ file is saved, but nothing appears when I drag it into Studio.

Can someone advise me on what to do, without using some third party software. I found this post from 2006 but cannot find "create polygons".

I would suggest you use the "Create Polygons" tool in the Alias Palette (Palette>Polygons>Create Polygons) and then export the polygon components as .obj file. This way you can control the density of polygons per part, for example, a square shaped part does not need a lot of polygons to describe it's surface but a circular or organic form requires high number of polygons otherwise will look facetted.

Also play around with the options in the "Create Polygons" tool, the tool gives you alot of flexibility and control. Pay attention to the "Adaptive Subdivision" settings and the "Trim Density", you may want to set Trim Density to High especially if you have lots of rounds on edges otherwise you may get gaps or faceting on the corner polygons.
By djiin
Hi Will,when you're in Alias you have to turn your nurbs into meshes (nrbtm in the mesh tool section, click twice on the tool to choose the tessellation), then you have to export your meshes to obj and that's it. You can also export directly from Alias your nurbs to an Fbx file, maybe this option is better, it will ask you to choose a tessellation and you're done.

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