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By LadleSky10
I'd like to put in a vote for better user management of licenses --greater flexibility. :D

That is, it would be great if we could activate/de-activate computers and/or return licenses to the user Portal account.

+1 ... I agree too. I have installed Maxwell V3 and V4 on my home laptop, but I would like to use Maxwell at work and on some other computer. I don`t install it (or just in demo mode) because I don`t want to spend my license. Because as I understand, I can install my V3 or V4 floating license on just two computers (physical with MAC address). If I want to install it on third one, I need to ask NL to allow me to do it. I have RLM installed, but I don`t want to have my laptop at home always ON (as a server). It will be very good, if we can install Maxwell on any computer and use license on online NL server, or use it offline till that computer can check license online.
I want to use my bought licenses with more freedom.

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