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By IngvarH
I am currently playing around with volumetrics, and specifically VDB-files. I have tested the free explosion.vdb, but it seems a bit weird to me.

When I add a MXVolumetric I get this little cube, 1 cm on a side. But the rendered size of the vdb is very much larger, I don't really know, but something like 150 meters on a side. Is this the way it's supposed to work? Because if it is it makes it hard to integrate a vdb in your scene. This might of course be because I'm doing something wrong, and if so, what? My version of maxwell is the plugin for 3ds max.

\Ingvar H
By IngvarH
Thanks...I've been looking at the documentation many times by now, and I can't find anything about this. Maybe it works differently in Maxwell Studio, I don't know, but in 3ds Max the size of the mxvolumetric has no relation whatsoever to the rendered size of it. I just tested with explosion.vdb again. If I put a cube next to it, the cube is about 150 meters on a size when it corresponds to the rendered size of the explosion. If I change to the rabbit instead, the mxvolumetrics cube in the scene is still 1 cm on a side, but the rabbit is much smaller than the explosion. So, the basegrid does have a size, and it seems to me it would have been easier if the mxvolumetrics-thingy relected that size.

On the other hand, I might have missed something, and I'm really stypid...that has happened before;-)

\Ingvar H

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