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By Anders Peter Amsnæs
This is a 4 seconds SL16 render... http://www.imagix.dk/ftp/sequence_01.mp4

It's been cropped to show a darker portion of the image that has quite a bit of flickering! There is noise too, but that's expected and can be reduced using a different lighting setup.

Question is... What's causing the flickering and how do I avoid it? Maybe...
- meshing the floor plane
- not using grass for the carpet
- avoiding specific light types
- anything else

Recommendations much appreciated!!

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By Mihai
I'd take a look at the frame numbers where you suddenly see a difference and check the corresponding MXI files, see if they've rendered to the same SL. If they have, open next their corresponding MXS files and see if there might be something different in them. Render them separately and see if they still show the difference.
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By choo-chee
it does look like different SL and not over-lapping surfaces. everything is flickering, not only the floor.
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