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By philip99
I changed to a new video card card in my desktop, now I cannot license ML 4
I uninstalled all ml 4 files, reinstalled
please kindly help me.
My home laptop works fine
By philip99
Hello NL
I did follow ALL what you mentioned in your support email. I also followed your
video to license, read your support on line articles and yet still I can't license
my work desktop to 4.0. For some reason I am not able to connect to your server
to install the licence. so please check, and look into this problem seriously.
its taking 24 hours to get the answer from you. I have paid you the money you asked,
so I like the product to work.
Make it simple for me, I uninstalled all NL product from my computer, and reinstalling
it again should automatic reconfigure with required license & files. That's called installer
I am not a computer geek.
Hope you seriously look to this matter. so far you have given me a 1 line email
support and answer. I have been using you product since a long time.
I know forum computer geeks may be on vacation.
Best wishes
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By Mihai
So you had V4 licensed and after installing the video card, your existing license is not working anymore?

Do you have a nodelocked V4 license? If so you can just download it from your portal account, unzip it and place it in C:\ProgramData\Next Limit\Maxwell\licenses

You say you can't connect to the server, sorry if this sounds obvious but have you tried with all firewalls off?
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Philip,

If the people from support didn't solve the problem, please reply to the same case giving all the details you think could be useful. They will probably try to arrange a remote session to help you get everything up and running if the solution is not easy.

Most of the times, the problems connecting to the server to validate the license are due to a firewall blocking the connection. I would also check in the customer portal if your license file has been generated. In that case, you can download it and place it manually in the right place. Here is the documentation page regarding installation and licensing in case you need to know where to put the file: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/ma ... +Licensing

I hope this helps.
Best regards,

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