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By fmadaleno
Hello all,

I am using Maxwell V4 for the past 4 months. I am a big fan of rendering and 3D drawing, and i need to do it as a living as i work in lighting.

Before i move on here´s my PC specs:
- Intel i7 - 6700K CPU 4.00 GHZ
- RAM 32 GB

I am using Maxwell V4 with the latest update alongside Solidworks 2017.

While working on Studio, my Maxwell keeps crashing and i mean like 10 times in one hour - it´s beyond words how much i like this software but it´s driving me mad how unstable it is.

Please help me understand what i´m doing wrong, is there any tricks to keep the program from crashing?
I have nothing running at the same time on my PC just to prevent it from crashing but with no result.

Thanks in advance
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By Mihai
What GPU, and do you have its latest drivers installed? Are you working a lot with FIRE while you get crashes? The two most common causes for crashes in Studio for me are when FIRE is on and I change or move something in the scene, and the other cause is because of viewport settings and video card drivers.

Studio V4 has been pretty much as stable as V3, that is to say it crashes pretty rarely and when it does it's almost exclusively because FIRE was running at the time it crashed. You could try deleting the studioprefsv4.ini file for Studio (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Maxwell)so it resets everything, but if Studio starts ok and crashes later, it doesn't look like corrupt settings are the cause.
By fmadaleno

Thanks for answering... indeed i believe Fire is causing the problem to occur.
Also, i went to preferences and loaded the default settings and it seems the problem is almost non-existant now. I might have tweaked something to my like on the settings and the Studio couldn´t handle it.

Hope it stays more stable for a while.
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