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By Forum Moderator

The betas page as we knew it, won't come back, but a betas section will be added to all the customers' accounts at portal when we have it ready. Hopefully, it won't take much time.

Regarding the problem with the Denoiser reported by Fox2, it's something that may happen when playing with Multilight in a render with Denoiser. As the changes in light could be affecting one of the passes but not the other, the result can be odd like you show. When you click Re-Denoise, the Multilight state is copied to both passes and the result is consistent. When combining Multilight and Denoiser, it's better to make the changes at the end of the render or make sure both passes have the same light intensities.
This is another part that should be improved.

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By T0M0
When the new Maxwell or Maxwell beta will be released ?

I reported on forum and via portal a bug with Stereo lenses, the report was closed three months ago and still nothing.
I was hoping for some quck fix beta version, because stereo lenses were working fine in V3 and somehow mysteriously they are not working in V4.
By luis.hijarrubia
That bug is fixed indeed. The bad news is that the change is done on the branch that will be on official version. Anyway I don't expect any early build before that official release.
By gloomer
Maxwell Studio is still crashing when I try to render with resolution more than 3000 pixels of longer side of image.
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