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By tysonjon02
Any assistance on this issue would be much appreciated:

I'm running Maxwell for rhino but the issue is in Maxwell render v4

When attempting to save an image, load an image, merge mxi, resume mxi, save mxi or open mxs.. pretty much any command in the file tab or on the file bar I get the error message: Maxwell (v120-intel) has stopped working. NExt limit support cannot seem to re-produce the error so there is something wrong on my end. I've installed Maxwell on my personal computer and it works fine. has anyone else encountered this problem?

OS Win. 10 pro
intel(R) Xeon(R)CPU E5-1620 v3 @3.5
Nvidia quadro k2200
I have had this on many occasions all with different scenarios. I have had show up with corrupt mxm's, bad HDRI files, bad EIS files. It really can be any thing. I have to go back into my file turn of layers, recheck materials...It can be a nightmare to find the culprit.
Thank you for the feedback. However, the problem remains. I have updated windows, graphics card driver, uninstalled and reinstalled both Maxwell plugin Maxwell Render as well as uninstalled and reinstalled RHino 5. We have discovered that it must have something to do with security/firewall settings, my coworker recently updated to v4 and is encountering the same problems now.
All file path permissions have been given full control and with firewall turned off, the problem still remains.
All scenes, I just spent an hour with Tech support on Teamviewer and they could not resolve the issue. It seems as though some software on my machine is interfering with Maxwell. I cannot save mxi mxs or image file. I can open an existing mxi but as soon as you attempt to either resume the rendering, merge files, or re-save the program crashes. They claim this is an isolated issue but my coworker recently upgraded from v3 to v4 and he is getting the same problem. WE have attempted turning off all antivirus software and have ensured that all security permissions are set to full control but cannot seem to find the interfering software.
By burnin
Hmmm... sure looks like as if something is interfering, prohibiting read/write processes.

Couple of tests that also come to mind.
Have you also tested:
1 - same machine using different or clean OS (linux, swap disks, returning to any previous restore point)? (always have a clean backup at hand)
2 - with network adapters disabled (along with cloud & other sharing services disabled)?
....also make sure no filename has a special character-set in it's name. I live in Israel and write in Hebrew, so maxwell cannot accept this and all my textures, scenes etc. are named in English, as a hebrew font will cause maxwell to crash or not recognize the file.
We have discovered a probable cause of this crash (the one when trying to use a file dialog)
There is a some pc's preinstalled software by Dell that can interfere with applications using QT5 libraries. DBROverlay shell Extension.
If you have this problem, you can avoid it renaming some dlls or unregistering shell extension.

The usual location of this software is :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Backup and Recovery\Components\Shell\
but we have also found them in :
C:\Program Files (x86)\AlienRespawn\Components\Shell\ in an Alienware machine.

We have renamed this files:

Apparently the function of this shell extension, is to modify the icon appearance of files backuped with Dell Backup and Recovery tool, so it should not be a big deal to rename them or unregister the shell using regsv32 tool.
Try this....Just a shot. I was getting the error when I sent my .mxs file to render and then Maxwell Render would crash. I fixed it by setting my output paths to save the .mxs and the .mxi in a different directory than my project directory and it stopped crashing. It was a read write problem of some sort. I have been doing ever since and no crashes.
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