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By LadleSky10
I purchased version 3 during the promotion period and the portal showed that I had a free upgrade to version 4 available. I decided to hold off a bit (partly because of all the chaos and lack of documentation but also to take the time to decide which plugins I wanted to limit myself to given the new licensing). Now, the portal doesn't show any available upgrades anymore! Has anyone else here experienced this problem? Is it only a temporary glitch on the portal site?
By burnin
cosoli wrote:I did...... 3 weeks ago :(

or I should wait for another week?
write again, call or have your representative call them...
know if there are any dates stated on the contract/bill/invoice...
at least consult, seek legal advice (if in EU, you can check with the public office for consumer rights).

...and keep hoping for the best, but be ready for the worst ;)
By cosoli
LadleSky10 wrote:Thank you for the suggestion Mihai. I contacted support through the portal and everything was resolved quickly. I now have the upgrade. Thanks again! :D
.............................. :shock: I have contacted them for a month but now I still cant get my upgrade?

Anyone in Next Limit? Could you tell me what happened

Your team released Maxwell V4 on 10/10 and Now it's 12/03, I still cant use it? :(
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