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Hi~ I'm a newbie in Maxwell Studio :D

I tried to use Studio to manage all materials in the scene, and this is a question I want to know:

"Could I just right click my mice on the material I selected and let it be replaced by another one in my library"

Because I'm used to apply different colors to materials when I make my 3d model, then replace them by the materials selected.

So~ could anyone teach me how to do that? or a better way?

Thanks@ :wink:
But, how do I change "original" materials to reference materials?

(because my original materials are Autodesk material, I exported them from 3ds max)

I can create a new reference one in the material list, but I really want is:

to convert A material which already applied in a object to B material ( or I call replace A material by B in the material list)

You must apply the new material to the object
With referenced material you can export pack and go the scene to export all materials than load them as referenced
When you change a material in the folder with material editor it changed inside studio
You don't need to create many copy and every time you apply or choose triangles if one object have multimaterials
cosoli wrote:It doesn't work I tried. :shock:

Open MXM only "add" a new material to the material list, NOT replace the original one.............
Sorry, I always mix these up. The correct way is:

- right click in the layers area in the mat editor > Embed MXM.
- choose your MXM
- Now you get a first pop up saying it will override the "top material properties" (the Global properties of the material). Click Yes
- The second pop up asks if you want to add the layers of the new material to this material, or click No to simply replace it with the new one.

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