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By zparrish
Is there something special I need to do to download the v4 network tools? I have an existing v3 infrastructure, just bought the v4 upgrade, and installed the 3ds Max plugin (which apparently installed the v4 engine too). I can't figure out how to upgrade the networking tools, so my nodes don't have the v4 engine yet. In my portal, all I see is the following under downloads:


I'll probably open a support ticket too, but just wanted to ask here since I'm confident a forum member and end user has dealt with this already. Thanks guys!
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By zparrish
Thanks for the info Luis! When I was looking through the betas section, I noticed all the other plugins and downloads were for version 3, so I just assumed the Tech Preview network system was the same. It never really dawned on me to actually look though :)

Thanks again!
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By zparrish
I just noticed the download for the Render Nodes is now available through my customer portal. This is actually the download I was looking for initially. The beta tools still need some work as I was unable to get them to run on my farm. I think the biggest problem with the beta tools is their OpenGL dependency. My farm has integrated, BMC type GPUs that don't support OpenGL, so unless I intall an Addon GPU to each server and wire them all up to a KVM hub, the tools won't run and tell me that my OpenGL support is insufficient. I know there's "nogui" modes for the tools, but to require OpenGL just for the GUIs of the Tech Preview components seems a bit overkill. It would be nice if that dependency wasn't there so the programs were easier to deploy on more traditional render farms.
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