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By N&B
Hello all,

I'm so glad NL released M~R for MacOSX :o
Since we don't have any plugins for our favorite 3D apps yet, I did some test with the renderer alone, with the "focus.mxs" scene (thanks noseman! :) ).

I'm using a single 1.8 ghz G5 processor and launched the same scene several times with different threads setup.

And here's what I found:
Common settings: 640x480, target sampling:10 quality:normal

-1 thread: 33min 09s
-2 threads: 26min 15s
-4 threads: 19min 46s

Pretty weird for a single cpu with no hyper-threading....?
It would be interesting to see the results of the same test on G4 processor, or on intel & AMD processors.
By thomas lacroix
yes it seems quite odd, maybe we could check if it work under winxp or NT...
By thomas lacroix
could you post the images side by side please?
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By N&B
same quality is normal because it was set to the same target sampling level, so the render engine stops when it reached level 10.

this was done to compare speed on a time basis.

If I had set the time as a fixed variable (target, let's say 20min), the quality would have been different.
But in this case, speed difference is a lot more difficult to measure, because the renderer will stop when 20min is reached (be it just after 9'th sampling level or near 10'th , this doesn't make any difference : maxwell reached level 9 after 20min and stopped)

Yes, thomas I can post images side by side but I have to re-do the test :wink: as I did not save the images.
By thomas lacroix
i'll run several mac tests also, despite the fact that i've only got a 1ghz G4mac... :D
By tokiop

thanks for the tests!

I can do some more on my bi 2Ghz to see how the treads affects the rendertime with two processor. What scene are you using?

Would be interesting as well to test the same scene on a a few PC's to compare speed..

is the default test scene used to compare with others renderers aviable for the last version?


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By N&B
I use the "focus" scene made by noseman, I found it on the forum...can't remember where though...

EDIT: ok, here it is: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1326
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By noseman
Ok all you mac lot, pick up my focus.mxs file:

and do your tests.

this is my command line:
/Applications/maxwell/mxcl -mxs:/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxs -d -mxi:w,/maxwellfolder/focus.mxi -res:640x480 -s:10

My mac is a Dual G5 1.8 with 1.25 GB RAM
My tests gave these results:

with 4 threads:
/Applications/maxwell/mxcl -mxs:/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxs -d -th:4 -mxi:w,/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxi -res:640x480 -s:10

11 minutes 30 seconds (by my stopwatch)
22 minutes 35 seconds (on the terminal... it is wrong!!!)

with 2 threads:
/Applications/maxwell/mxcl -mxs:/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxs -d -th:2 -mxi:w,/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxi -res:640x480 -s:10

11 minutes 30 seconds (by my stopwatch) the same as above
21 minutes 25 seconds (on the terminal... it is wrong again!!!)

with 1 thread:
/Applications/maxwell/mxcl -mxs:/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxs -d -th:1 -mxi:w,/[folder name on main HD]/focus.mxi -res:640x480 -s:10

15 minutes 05 seconds (by my stopwatch) a bit longer
27 minutes 53 seconds (on the terminal... it is wrong again!!!)

a. I used the -mxi:w command line option to save a resumeable mxi file. It takes some time to update this file every sample so if you try without this option you will be a bit faster.

b. the image file is saved (default) in the root folder of your user under the name of: C/\focus\focustest25.tga
Maybe you can change this by using the -o:filename extention.
By lluistar
Here is the compared quality.


Edit: Noseman, I've just seen your post. Man these Macs are pretty fast if they can count 21 minutes in 11 minutes. 8)

The times I report are the ones from the terminal.
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By noseman
try to use a normal stopwatch..
it is wrong!!

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By N&B
noseman, do you start your stopwatch when you hit "enter" after your command line or when the voxelization is finished and the render effectively begins (sample 0 )?
By lluistar
Dual 2GHz G5 2GB Ram

2 Threads
Maxwell Clock: 19m 28 s
Stopwatch: 10m 30s

I start the stopwatch at the same time I press enter.

Lets see if a single processor have the same error.
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By noseman
when I press enter I start my stopwatch.

In all 3 tests voxelisation took 20 seconds.
By tokiop
thanks N&B :)
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By N&B
ok I did the stopwatch test (noseman patented :wink: )

same settings as above, threads: 4

first result: 19min 46s (terminal)
second result: 19min 54s (terminal)

stopwatch for second result: 22min 29sec


same settings as above, threads: 2

first result: 26min 15s (terminal)
second result: 26min 23s (terminal)

stopwatch for second result: 30min 58s


same settigns as above, threads: 1

first result: 33min 09s (terminal)
second result: 33min 12s (terminal)

stopwatch for second result: 39min 10s

So, stopwatch or not, it's still faster with 4 threads :)
The error between terminal clock and stopwatch seems to be incremental, and is apparently minimized with 4 threads.
To be continued....
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