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By 3dgeek
Ok, sooo how do I install this? :oops:

Is what was posted today (3/23/05) the standalone version?
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By noseman
I double click on "maxwell"... nada!

Can we have some help please?
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By eldo
errr what about lightwave?
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By mgroeteke
same here: double click, nothing. if this should be an installer, it doesn't work. maybe some late compiling/packaging error? at least looking in the package contents in the we can read some PDFs...
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By 3dgeek
Guys here is the reply from Victor in my inbox:

"Remember that Maxwell is a command line application, the render must be called from a command line window, with the MXS file previously created in some 3D application."

I knew this was it I was justing hoping it was something different!
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By victor
We will add the Lightwave OSX plugin in a few days.
By Rizon
sorry, i don't have a clue what you mean with command line... i am a c4d user... can i download a demo of lightwave or maya, to try it out?
By jep
Does the Mayall plugin work with Maya for OSX?
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By 3dgeek
Not yet! Hopefully soon!
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