Hi everybody,

I discovered a strange behaviour of the real scale function (material editor) in the sw-viewport.
A material with real-scale (texture tiling) switched "on" shows different scales on different objects (objects with different size..).
Did I miss here something ?

I´m using SW-2009 with plug-in 1.8.3 on a DELL M90 (graphic card: Nvidia quadro FX 1500)
By JDHill

This should be working, so I'll ask a few questions. First, are you dealing here with an assembly, or a multi-body part? It won't work in the latter case, because SW only returns one size for the whole model; the plugin cannot therefore attempt to determine an appropriate texture size for each piece. Secondly, is RS turned on for all textures in the material; most importantly, for the one being shown in the viewport? Lastly, is this just happening in one model, or are you unable to make the feature work anywhere? If so, would it be possible for you send me a simple example?


Hello JD,

it´s a multi body part (3ds-file of a building imported to SW2009). RS was turned on for all textures in the material.
I understand that SW only returns one size for one part but in principle htis should be ok for RS (?). Without RS turned
on I would have expected exactly that result, since the various objects have different sizes.

I will check if this effect comes from the translated files by modelling something similar.


(? how can I add images to posts)
By JDHill
No, it's a problem with multi-body .SLDPRT files. How RS works is:

- you enable RS in a material's texture and/or adjust the texture's tile size
- the plugin must scan through all of the entities in the file, checking which ones use this material
- for each one it finds, it must find out the size of the entity, so that it can modify the SW 'scale' parameter accordingly

In the case of multi-body parts, there is only one size returned each time the plugin inquires, so the plugin does not know the actual size of the various sub-bodies in the model. This is only a problem because the plugin just asks SW for the part's bounding box; it would be possible for it to walk over the geometry of every single entity and build its own bounding boxes for each sub-part, but this would be prohibitively expensive, time-wise; the process of scanning through the model in order to update all of the related SW viewport materials is already expensive enough.

As far as images go, you can't upload them directly, so most people use an off-site image-hosting service like So, you upload the image, then put the URL in your message text, surrounding it with [IMG][/IMG] tags.
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