By JDHill
You should be able to pre-select the desired entity, then drag your material over the viewport, or right-click the material's thumbnail and choose 'Apply to Selected'. If there is a problem doing this, then also make sure the geometry is not loaded as lightweight. Just let me know if this doesn't help.

By bartel
This only works when there are no materials aplied to the part level yet. With a new part I can select a face and apply a material to it. Is there a way to remove the material from a part or can i only replace a material by another material?
By JDHill
It sounds like you are working with an assembly, and that you have applied a material at the component level. A material assigned to a component will override any materials assigned to entities inside the component. The plugin follows SolidWorks rules for material assignment, which means that:

1. face assignment overrides body or feature assignment
2. feature assignment overrides body assignment
3. component assignment overrides all other assignments

Of course, #3 only applies in assemblies. To manage these assignments, select a face and look in the plugin's Object Properties window:


Near the top, you will see where this face is getting its material from. If there is a material assigned here, then that will be indicated, otherwise, there will be a hyperlink you can use to select which parent entity the face is getting its material from. There is also a green 'up' arrow in the Object Properties toolbar - you can use this to navigate from a face up to its parent feature, and from there to the feature's parent body, and then to the body's parent component, if you are working with an assembly. At each step, you will see what, if any, material is assigned, and you can remove it using the red 'X' button in the Object Properties toolbar.
By bartel
Thanks a lot! :) I was looking in the right-button menu of materials and I couldn't find a way to remove materials; only to assign to selected. Now it works perfectly. By the way; i'm realy glad with the quick responces on my questions. It's sometimes difficult to find the right info in the tutorials and than this forum is very helpful.
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