By mtripoli
When I go to open an HDR in the preview window it says "(an error occurred while rading the image file)". But it looks like it loads the HDR anyway. I saw this yesterday; sometimes it would show the HDR, other times ths error. Thoughts?

**MORE**: Can they be too big? I'm using the Studios that I found over in "Goodies". The file sizes are 80 meg+...

**PLUS A NOTE NOT WORTHY OF ANOTHER THREAD AND REALLY SHOULD BE IGNORED: Under Physical Sky> Sun Temperature; remove the "degree" sign from Kelvin (a very common mistake). I'm not telling you anything when I say Kelvin is an absolute so doesn't have degrees... :roll:
By JDHill
The plugin relies on a 3rd-party library to read HDR files, and it is unable to determine the cause of any failure to load, so you'll just get the 'error occurred' image when it happens, with no further explanation. I suppose very large files failing to load on an intermittent basis might be related to memory, but really I have no way to know. As to your Kelvin notation pedantry :P , let's just say that I still roll with the old school on that. :lol: (j/k...I'll change it :) )
By mtripoli
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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