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By yolk

in swx 2009 you get some improved texture capabilities (without having to use photoworks..see the harddrives). do you plan implementing them into the new swx maxwell plug-in? would be awsome. then i would not have to export it to maxwell it takes 'bout 8 mins to export this beast (it used onyl 12% of my 8 cores during export)

By JDHill
Yes, dropping support for 2007 (the current plugin will be the last one for that SW version) allows us to move up to the SW 2008 API, which gives the plugin access what you see in the 'mapping' tab of an Appearance. Regarding the speed of export, I am not currently aware of any way to do such a thing in a multi-threaded manner, so seeing only one core busy is to be expected. There are some basic things you can do to help here though:

- only use face-material assignment where necessary
- only enable the plugin option 'Export SW Multi-Materials' if necessary
- use component-level material assignment whenever possible
- do not set the document's 'Image Quality' (in SW doc properties) any higher than necessary
- if your assembly exports to MXST okay without the 'Export Absolute Coords' option enabled, then try enabling 'Export Duplicate Bodies as Instances'

About the last item - if an assembly has many constraints, it can cause the coordinate systems of SW and MXST not to get along - in this case, use 'Export Absolute Coords' to have the plugin pre-transform all of the mesh data into world coordinates; otherwise, try to use instances, since they require no further processing of the actual meshes.
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By yolk
thanx alot jd
i will try to read all the things i missed in the coming weeks here on this forum but will occasionally ask silly questions..sorry in advance
By mtripoli
Last version with support for SW2007... :cry: :cry: :cry:

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