By JDHill
As noted in the Announcements section, version 1.7.31 of the Maxwell for SolidWorks plugin is now available...


Maxwell for SolidWorks version 1.7.31 Release Notes

  • - added new ‘Maxwell Turntable Animation’ command to plugin toolbar. This uses the current Camera’s focal point as the center of rotation, so make sure you are using an actual SolidWorks camera for the specified viewport
    - ‘Use Custom Color Picker’ to Plugin Options. Some machines have shown issues with the custom color picker, apparently related to DirectX. If you experience a slow operation with the color picker, set this option to ‘No’ – the standard Windows color picker will be shown instead. The plugin will remember custom color presets regardless of which color picker is used
    - Database Manager’s Volume View window now shows whichever node is selected in the Materials page
    - ‘Use Document Path’ option to the Default Paths section in Plugin Options. If this is set to ‘Yes’, the plugin will prefer to write unspecified outputs next to the current .3dm location, if it is known
    - added ‘Export SW Hierarchy’ option. When disabled, the exported meshes will not be put into nested groups. This may be useful when manually merging different documents in Maxwell Studio
    - added ‘Restore Windows on Load’ option. When enabled, the plugin will restore the opened/closed and position state of its windows
    - added ‘Stop Export on First Error’ option in Plugin Options. Use this to troubleshoot possible bad mesh-geometry in the model
    - added numeric textbox to texture-rotation slider in the Object Properties window
  • - improved the ‘Camera Heads-up Display’ to show a transparent-shaded area around the film-sensor rectangle, as well as some camera readouts directly in the viewport
    - the ‘Camera Heads-up Display’ now remembers state from session to session
    - the texture-rotation control in Object Properties is now disabled when it would have no effect on the selected entity
    - Scene Path and Image Path are no longer populated with the default when a scene is exported with no paths set
    - if an imported MXM has textures but has no ‘current’ texture, one will be selected automatically (preferably a Reflectance 0 texture)
    - improved TAB behavior in the Material Editor window
    - more robust error-handling during MXS export. If possible, the SolidWorks entity which was being exported at the time of the error is reported
  • - fixed an issue with Real Scale textures not working correctly
    - fixed an issue with recall of date/time presets
    - the lambertian indicator in BSDF and SubSurface UI was not set correctly when loading an item
    - possibly fixed an intermittent non-responsive Material Editor window condition
    - fixed a possible failure to write the MXS file (i.e. ‘ExportScene returned False’) when an invalid Scene Path was specified. If possible, the specified directory is created
    - changed drag-drop implementation, preventing a conflict with the drag-drop of SolidWorks Forming Tools
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By baribua
went to the download area and all i see there is the 1.7.1 that fro some reason although manage to install it when i open SW it says i still have 1.66 version and should update....

any idea what to do ? or where to find 1.73 ?????

thanks in advance
By JDHill
The download page has four tabs across the top. Just go to the 'plug-ins' tab, scroll down to the SolidWorks section, download the plugin (32bit or 64bit), and then install that - the plugin is a separate installation from Maxwell Render itself.
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By baribua
Thank you so much JD, actually im quite embarrassed i haven't figures that out myself.....

By sandykoufax
When I saw this topic title "Announcement: Version 1.7.31 Release Notes", I thought that it's a Christmas present and I was very happy. :o

But before long, I found that it's just a plugin announcement and I was disappointed. :cry:

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