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By Blazko
As we know Blender is not only an incredible 3D software, it is also a very powerful compositing tool. We also know that Maxwell Render has plugins for compositing programs like Photoshop, After Effect or Nuke. Even if I currently don't use Blender as a compositing tool I started thinking about possibilities of creating such plugin which would allow user to import MXI files with all data like render channels or Multilight feature, directly into Blender. Unfortunately I'm useless with programming but maybe someone like Nildar will be interested with adding those features into newest version of BMaxwell?

What you think about that? Do you use Blender as a compositing tool?
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By Asmithey
If you save your file as OpenEXR multilayer, all of your channels will be saved in that one file and will be placed in the image node in the compositor.
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