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By Hillmeister
I just tried to use the B_maxwell addon with the new V3.1.
Just as expected the plugin doesn't work, but can we fix it our selves?

Offcourse I hope V3.1 will work with the new 2.73 shortly :mrgreen:

At our company we use a mix of programms (Rhino, Revit, Blender, 3Dsmax) and Maxwell Render is the perfect glue, I would hate to see the MW users get updated and Blender to turn "unuseable" :cry:
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By Hillmeister
You are completely right Seghier, except now it's the other way around.

I wouldn't mind to stay on an older Blender build, but if the rest of the company updates Maxwell to V3.1, Blender 2.71 won't work any more with the B-Maxwell addon for V3 and I seem to have no other (workable) option.

I assume it isn't a big change in code to hail V3.1 instead of V3 when the addon is used, but then again I'm not a programmer :roll:
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By Asmithey
I am totally ok with working on one Blender build for long periods of time. I do not need B-Maxwell updated every time Blender updates. But It would be best if we could get B-Maxwell updates when Maxwell releases a major update.
By ptaszek
Hello guys, since there is no plugin for v3.1, could you let me know where can I download v3.0.1 (for OS X)?
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By Asmithey
You can go to source forge and get the latest bmaxwell plugin. But you have to use blender 2.71
It works with Maxwell Render 3.0.1
By ptaszek
Thank you Seghier,
So normally blender works just as exporter to MaxwellStudio right?
It make no sense to work with the shaders inside blender without any preview. Am I right?
So if Fire would be available for blender then it will work like every other plugin?
Studio is not bad, but it would be rly rly nice to work inside blender :)
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By Asmithey
It is more than just an exporter. But, for now, I do not build Maxwell materials from scratch inside blender. With Fire implemented, that would make me start to though.
By ptaszek
Thank you guys for explanation.
So the dream would be new plugin for 3.1 and working fire :)
So I keep my finger crossed.
One more question.. Do you guys think I will be possible for this plugin to become the official one?
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By Asmithey
The developer is from a third party. The plug ins have been
Far between. We can not be too critical though as the developer has done this voluntarily. And with the help of donations. Maybe he needs more donations to keep motivated. I have donated when I can. I have emailed in the last couple of weeks with no response.
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