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By dariolanza
We've created this forum to provide a place where we can discuss about the BMaxwell plugin, the thirty-party plugin for Blender developed by Nildar and distributed in Sourceforge:

Although it is a thirty-party project, developed entirely by its author and not distributed nor maintained by Next Limit, we would love to collaborate with the Blender open-source community as far as possible, helping its author on his development, promoting it and creating places like this to host our conversations about Blender+Maxwell.

We hope this forum helps to create a community where developer and users establish a fluid communication for the benefit of all the Blender users.

We lean on you all!

Welcome Blender!

Dario Lanza
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By Asmithey
Excellent! Thanks for creating this. No more posting in the wish list forum. :D I use Blender and Maxwell together every day. I now rely on it. Have been relying on it ever since B-Maxwell was created. After being a long time Form-Z user, the Form-Z work flow was not cutting it for me anymore. B-Maxwell was and is a huge step in my work flow allowing me to harness the power of Blender with Maxwell Render.
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By Blazko
Great news! :D
Blender is my favorite modeling software in the same way as Maxwell is my favorite rendering engine.
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By Asmithey
Has anyone had any contact with N.Ildar lately? He has not returned any of my emails in the last couple of months.

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