Hi guys,

Fisrt of all, apologies. Our webmaster was sleepy last day and it seems we got it wrong between am/ pm. However your renders are welcome on my email address. gisela.rodriguez@nextlimit.com Use the subjetc of the competition theme and hurry up, because it will be valid today only.

Many thanks once more for participating, and best luck for you all.

Thank you very much indeed, Gisela!

Good news to start Monday, I must say.

I have emailed you the full resolution images to you (wireframe screen shot and render) by email and looking forward to the feedback...good and bad. :wink:

For the record I have thoroughly enjoyed the forum over the last week or so and have certainly learned a great deal about using Maxwell which can be used for my Arch Viz projects in the future.

So a big thank you to *everyone* on the forum!

The images on the competition page are for the "Popular Vote" prize.
I suggest that you contact Gisela by email to check that she received your email.

I hope your entry has been accepted and has been reviewed by the judges.

Good luck luistreb!
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