Hi Victor,

Solved the problem with "CompoSpray"! :D

Following a comment made by Thomthom on Sketchucation forum cheked what was happening using the Ruby Console.
Reported that "permission was denied" for the "compospray" folder. Aha...I thought!

So simply changing the permissions for the folder using "properties" in Windows Explorer and restarting SU everything works perfectly.
Rather odd in that it was the only plug in installed to date that that had happened.

So..anyone using "compospray" with SU 2013 on 64bit system check using Ruby Control if the dialogue box fails to appear.
Something else learned today....happy.

Just going to take a peak at your tutorial wrt mxs files....

Ahh! so that's how it is done. :D

Many thanks again, Victor!!!!
Hi Victor,

In "payback" for your advice and tips enclose a link to "instant scripts" by Vali Architects. Not sure if you have them already???

The instant fence/railings, walls and roof scripts are (in my view) superb and have proved to be a real time saver.
Chuck has recently made them available by subscritption (which is not very much) but considering the work involved in writing them I can understand why.


I hope it proves to be of interest and use to you.
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