End date: May 13
By astanelle
Mihai wrote: I don't think it changed much for the voting in any case.
in my view it's more an example of how we feel about your ("next limit") acting.
- it feels random ( decisions, communication, voting, rules (interpretation) )
- it feels you made things up to get a wanted result.
- it feels you don't respect the effort of those who tried to take it serious or spent "lots of time ".

- it feels you don't care at all. ( stand one's ground and say you messed up this time. )
nothing is more worth than to pretend you did everything right, although everyone thinks and know different.
at least admit there were some blooper (serious mistakes ) in your communication with us ...

my personal end of this competition is a lost of trust in you - and how you act with your community.
especially the last point.

just a side note.
i don't care about my "lose" - because i tried and learned some things.
but i do care about how a company is dealing with those situations and me as a person.
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By Mihai
You don't think you're being a bit harsh and generalizing with these comments? I apologize personally for the rule detail of whether we should allow participants to use any position of the HDR image, or only the backdrops. Honestly we didn't think of this at first, and after it was brought up, it was decided we should only allow the backdrops. But in the mean time images where submitted.

For the second point about voting, as Dario mentioned, we have decided that the public voting will only be for third place, the rest is decided by our jury. So I believe this issue has been settled as well, and I think it's a good thing - personally I don't like public voting. We will of course try and organize the next contest as clearly as possible, and avoid worries that your hard work will not be properly acknowledged.
By astanelle

i'm sorry if this sounds to harsh - it wasn't my intention.
The point is - maxwell is a great prog. and it's cool of nextlimit brought up a competition with "free" give aways ( because you dont have to )
furthermore, those events bring the community together, and you learn so many things.. ( for ex. victor with all this daz stuff and as i said i learned some things too - mostly how maxwell works with modo. which speeds me up next time.)

but this "negativ feeling", which i tried to describe above , is like a little fog "above" this positive things.
and that makes me a bit sad.

so again, i'm sorry for generalizing some things.
just see it as an "overreacting" because i do like nextlimits work and think you normally do better ;P

best regards

another positive suggestion might be this:
i would like to see a making of like the neue nationalgallery making of ( ronen bekerman challange ) .
so you can learn how the winner works and may be get some tips / tricks to speed up some things.
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By seghier
Hi astanelle ; all what i do you can see it in my thread from the first idea to the final render :) ; and the final step is some retouch with sketchbook and photoshop to fix some errors .
By astanelle
Hej seghier

i know - watched it closely ;] but it's on the forum and i think a little "article" on the "main page" would make it more official - representative - and would bring the challenge to another level of attention ;]

besides - congratulations to you ! ;]

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