End date: May 13
By taiko
Hello, I'm Jeremy, I live in Paris and I am a graphic designer and I started 3D i 3 years ago. I chose to represent the X-GAME version of Hot Wheels. The idea is to create a very fun circuit hemispheric interaction. I began one week ago and I'm very late :shock: , here are the first images.


I'll probably change the car in the foreground

Element that I did not remember, it does not work with the scene.

I'll post more pictures as soon as I have started rendering, good luck to all for the final stretch.
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By taiko
Here is my research before the idea of Hot Wheels :

the famous Pegaso car espagol

Amor, Amor !

Mouthing my final picture

Good luck to everyone! And thank you to the organizers
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By dariolanza
Congratulations, taiko, for your cool work.

Both the process and the final render looks terrific.

Longing to see more works from you.

Best regards

Dario Lanza

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