End date: May 13
By junaidrashid
I wish you all the best your project is going amazingly. I was away so i couldnt keep track of events lately.
The last few renders are awesome!!
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By seghier
after 64 hours with sl=25; there is noise in the render : what i do ? i don't see any change since yesterday
and the render calculator don't give real result : sl=26 in 30 mn ??
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By Mihai
You can send me this scene if you want (in Maxwell Studio, go to File>Pack & Go, choose a folder where to place all files, zip it and upload it somewhere). You can delete the Maground HDR file you are using from that folder since I can just download it myself. Just tell me which one it is. My email, just click the "Email" button below.
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By seghier
oh Many thanks Mihai :)
before your post i pack & go the scene ; i reduce the size of all hdri files because i can't upload big files
; and i use modified hdr because the original give false shadow so i make two with different light and color
i will upload zip file to yandex disk
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By Mihai
I looked at the file and it seems the many small strong light sources in the HDR together with the semi rough material makes it difficult to render. You can speed it up quite a bit in this case if you blur the HDR image, by a 10-15 pixel amount, maybe even more. You will see that tiny noise disappear faster. A few HDR images are more "difficult" than others unfortunately, but blurring usually helps in these cases and it will only affect the lighting minimally. It's very rare to need an SL of 25 or higher, usually 18-20 is enough even for difficult interiors.

I understand the problem you had setting this up, the HDR wasn't taken from the location it should have been, it's too close to the road....

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