End date: May 13
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By Mihai
As mentioned in this post: http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/view ... 32&t=40328

You need to use the background plate (photo) provided with the HDR when posting your final renders. Your renders MUST be composited into this background plate, you cannot just use the HDR also as the background.
I see.... Mihai

I wonder how to match the provided plate with the HDRImage, in order to get a realistic lighting.
Perhaps we need a camera specification, for instant a FOV angle; and an specific horizontal camera angle; as well as a vertical angle, to match it.

Maground have responded that the focal length of the lens is 45mm. So to recap:

Film back (sensor) size: 49.1x36.8mm
Lens focal length: 45mm

You need to enter the sensor size above in your main applications camera setting or in Maxwell Studio (in the Camera Parameters panel) in order to then enter the 45mm focal length and have a correct match. If you use a smaller or larger film back/sensor size, the 45mm focal length needs to be recalculated, so use this film back size.

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