End date: May 13
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By chedda
Hi guy's i'm in on this, i just hope to find the time & inspiration. Is someone from maground around ? I'd like to know the locations of the last 2 hdri's numbers 3 & 4 ? Hopefully this will help inspire my scene good luck everybody !
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By chedda
Well after much research around the plaza area i decided to focus on the central post office building .I am particularly interested in the glass domed interior atrium of the building. I intended to model this area and use the night plaza 3rd image to light it. Now after reading these threads i've realised that i must also use the backplate. This has thrown my plan out of the window it seems. Would it be ok not to use the accompanying backplate ? Or could the image be incorporated into the scene in some other way to qualify ? For example as a photograph on an easel or as a picture on the wall ?
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By chedda
Yes the lighting from the HDR would be perfect as the building is on the plaza however the backplate would not match or really be seen. I think i am going to have a re-think, & take my time !
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By Half Life
Architectural stuff is probably not a good fit for most HDRs like this -- primarily these types of HDRs would be best used for rendering things like vehicles/sculptures/fountains/etc... the reason being that these photos are taken from sidewalks/roads -- places where you would not usually put a new/existing architectural element.

An HDR taken from an empty lot (for instance) would be far more suitable for an architectural subject.

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By Ernesto
you are right Jason,

Perhaps one day you will be able to take an spherical HDRI with your CellPhone, and use it for your Own Building Site!

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By chedda
Yes I agree guys an interior is exactly the wrong idea. This image needs to be object based. I took a deep breath and started again. I have been working on a fountain today, it seems we think alike Jason ! I have made some good progress. However the benchmark is 110 so it may need a while to render.
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By chedda
Am i right in assuming the submitted image will be 2133x1600 ? This is the same proportions as the backplate. Or can creative cropping be used ?
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By Mihai
Render image maximum resolution: largest side less than 1600 px
Render image minimum resolution: smallest side greater than 1000 px
So there is no constraint for proportions, just the smallest side needs to be bigger than 1000, and the largest side smaller than 1600.
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By chedda
I uploaded my entry but received no confirmation, can someone here let me know they received it ? The name on the form is Simon Edwards.
By toby28
Hi Chedda - I confirm that we received the entry from Simon Edwards :). Thanks!

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