Hi - I am having an issue with geometry disappearing from the scene when the render process begins in maxwell using the 3.0.13 Maxwell Revit plugin. The geometry missing includes both modeled in-place components as well as custom lighting families and furniture that I created and loaded into the scene. Some of the missing geometry is contained within a group. Prior to this issue, the custom families that were modeled in-place, were visible in my renderings.

I've attached a link to the following for reference:
1) Render Output from Maxwell via Revit Plugin prior to issue
2) Render Output from Revit
3) Current Render Output from Maxwell via Revit Plugin (Will add to link as soon as the image clears enough to illustrate the issue).


In addition, every time I choose render, it crashes Revit now. I've included the error message in the link as well.

UPDATE: I installed the Beta version (3.0.19) to see if anything would change, but it did not correct the issue. However, I still get an error message, but different this time: " Byte_get_blue" ?

Please provide some assistance with this issue ASAP as I'm working towards a pretty tight deadline.

Thanks in advance.
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