By pi
Hi all,

Just testing 3.0.14 plugin with new release on a fresh Revit 2015 install.

- The strange négative rotation of mullions (reported in my last post) is still there with mxs export or Pack'n go.
(The Fbx export from Revit then imported in studio is clean).

- Have also an issue with Revit material editor, I can see the Material list but the "Assigned to" column is empty and nothing appears in the "All Elements" column.


I have purged everything unused in this file, and don't use any Mxm file for now.
So it's a pure Revit file without any Revit link, no IFC, no CAD format.
But I can render with it.

- If I try to link this file in a parent file with some others Revit linked files, the material éditor crash and Maxwell produce a render without any linked file.

Somme screenshots



Hope that help.
Sorry for my bad poor and creepy english :)
By pi
Hi Raduc,

Thank's for your work, that's fast.

testing 3.0.15 Plugin release
RAC 2015

The good news first:
I can render the entire project with 6 Revit files linked in one.
No more complain from the plug and I can see some of the "assigned to" per link file in the material browser and the "All elements" concerned.
( I think, not sure, that not all of them are listed)
I will confirm that.

The bad news:
If the render via the plugin is ok, the "persistant MXS", "Save MXS" or "Pack'n Go" process produce again the négative rotation of some Mullions.
That's just tne minus (-) sign, but not all of them are concerned ???

Just another one.
In the MXS translation, names of objects are "types" + increment, I think we need the concat of there "family" and "type" + increment for clearly identify or filter them.
Just my two cents.

Hope that make sense

Thank's again
By raduc
Hi pi,

The rotation problem is a bug inside studio, we are working with the studio guys to fix this.
The missing material issue happens because Revit has a very convoluted way of presenting object materials to the API through various parameters and categories, can you send us a scene that we can use to reproduce this (just a floor with a material that doesn't show up in the material editor) so we can see if we can find a fix ? my email is
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