Hey all,

I'm trying to export our project model directly into Maxwell via the plugin, to cut out the current workflow step of going through SketchUp first. Despite having a bunch of phasing parts (there's an existing building and 3 previous additions/renovations on top of the new construction and reno we're doing) we've got a fairly lean model with 0 errors. But every time I try to export our model - with Render or Export MSI - I'm getting this wonderful error. I've saved a copy off and purged everything unused to no avail.

http://i.imgur.com/ZXlIbBI.jpg (linked because it's still at my desktop res)

We also have a site model, which is a topo surface, roads and paths made of floors, masses, and the main model linked in. This model exports error free, although since it is a 2013 file, none of the linked materials read/work, which mostly defeats the point of skipping SketchUp if I still have to manually retexture everything. That being said, getting the main model itself working would be top priority - theoretically this project is going to upgrade to 2014 when the contractors get up to speed.

I've seen someone else reporting this error, from stairs/railings, but that should have been patched out.

An update: We went to 2014. Converting the master model has now allowed it to render, although Revit still throws this error:


The model exports and starts rendering anyway, although certain pieces of geometry are missing (certain slabs, a ramp, parts of windows..).

edit: a second update: The site model, when brought up to 2014, throws I think the same error, but is exporting *no* geometry whatsoever to Maxwell.
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