By zil
Win 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1
Sketchup Pro 2016
Maxwell Render Suite Learning Edition

- export to Studio via Sketchup plugin button, which creates MXS file
- when it automatically opens, set render time, quality etc
- start render
- new window pops up, hit start render
- right after voxelization is done, MXI file is created
- program stops responding and WIN closes it.

It only happens if I set render quality to Production. I tried different render settings to see if I can find what triggers it. I checked my model and it seems alright. Draft and Fire renders work fine in suite and in Sketchup plugin.

MXI file that gets created can be opened but Render button is greyed out and Cntrl+Alt+R doesn't do anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

By JDHill
It's not possible for me to speculate on this without seeing your model and reproducing the behavior here (because it is not a general, known problem). So please first update Maxwell Render and your plugin to the latest versions (available by logging in at, confirm that the problem still occurs, and if so, then email me (jeremy at nextlimit dot com) a copy of the .skp file, or upload it to dropbox or similar, and post a link.
By JDHill
Thanks -- the reason is not yet clear, but I find that the engine is having some problem with rendering this scene to a 16-bit image; if you choose PNG 8, or some other non-16-bit format, it appears not to trigger the crash.
By messire
Win7pro 64 - MR3.2.1.2win32 w Sketchup 13 pro - 16 GB ram

Got strange issue: I can render directly from SU using the direct export button, but when I open the file in studio and render there, it crashes and gives a maxwell (v120-intel) crash error...same goes from sketchup to MR launch when the resolution I ask is too big ( 2800x1940 should be considered small size...but no)

any hint ( i do need to use studio)...?

Last question: since am on 64 bits system, shall i use only 64 bits maxwell ?

By JDHill
On the last question, yes, you should definitely use 64-bit Maxwell, and I'd say it's a safe bet that if you're using 32-bit Maxwell, you could simply be running out of memory (since a 32-bit application can use at most 4GB, regardless the architecture of the OS).
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