I'm using the mac version of 3.1.4 because the latest version appears to be causing real problems with hdri skies, but that's another post I'll make...

In the mean time I keep getting files (maybe 1 in 8) where I'll work on a file in sketchup, save it without problems, export it to Maxwell and render it. The next day when I have to go back into the sketchup file to update a texture or colour but when I do sketchup just crashes?? I can save the file to another computer and open it there fine, but every time I try to open the file on the original mac sketchup crashes. I'm guessing something has got screwed up with regards to the .mxm paths or maybe the lighting HDRI paths.

I can't run an MXM check as sketchup never gets far enough to click that option. Is there any way I can clear out a preference file or something? The only way I've found of getting around this problem in the past is to open the file on another computer (a windows one is the only one I have, not sure if that is why it opens or just because it's a different machine) and then cut and past everything, bit by bit, into a new file.

If anyone knows what to look for in cases like this the error log file can be found here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3tfvzitnmd8o ... g.rtf?dl=0

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this very annoying problem.

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