By dlscape
Since installing El Capitan on my mac I've noticed that whenever I do an export to Fire or Maxwell it takes a noticeably longer time. Previously it would take 15 seconds tops, not it's taking two or three minutes. The progress bar gets to about 98% and then sits there, twitching back and forth, slowly incrementing towards 100% for a good minute during the Pre-processing stage and then again during he Parsing document stage.

I've uninstalled all previous versions and re-installed (sketchup plug in and Maxwell) but that made no difference. I've managed to write this whole post and my latest export still hasn't finished! Is this a known bug?

By JDHill
I see what you mean, but I have no explanation for it at this point. There is nothing in the code that is specific to the OS version, and that being the only variable, it would seem to come down to different behavior in some of the core OS libraries (e.g. slower allocation/deallocation of memory). So I am going to profile the application and at least try to find out where the time is being spent, but that's about all I can say at this point, because the plugin doesn't use any exotic code, which makes it the most likely outcome that there is some bug in the OS libraries, which would be fixed by Apple in a future update. It is for reasons like this that I generally recommend that people not update to newer OS versions until at least a few updates have been released.

In the meantime, a potential workaround is to click Cancel in the export dialog, and then click Yes, when the plugin asks you whether you'd like to use the Ruby exporter, since that appears to be working as normal.
By JDHill
I believe I have found the cause: during export, the process is spending 91% of its time inside OS update calls for the progress bar. This appears to affect the other standard SketchUp 3D exporters as well; for instance, with the OBJ exporter, the process appears to be spending 74% of its time inside calls to update the progress bar.

Not sure about a resolution for this; I'll notify Trimble, and think about whether it would be better to skip updating the progressbar on OSX, or tell people to stick with Yosemite for the time being. Those are the only possible options, as far as it is in the plugin's control.
By dlscape
Once again, thanks for the speedy reply :) Great to know that the ruby exporter still works, will try that in future. My latest file took 2mins 47seconds to export compared to abut 15 seconds before updating.

I know what you mean about holding off on the OS updates, and I managed to for a whole week! :) Yosemite has some serious problems with the graphics adapter drivers and they were screwing up Photoshop which I also use a lot. El Capitan fixes that which is why I relented and updated after holding out for a week. Fix one programme... break another... Oh well :)

By fv
Hi Jeremy,
I am using a new skylake iMac 5k and can't really afford to go back with two systems to Yosemite now.

To be honest, the export is taking as long that its basically nonfunctional in OSX El Capitan.

Anything you can do to help out, do away with the progress bar or something else would help us with deadlines we have end of the week.

By JDHill
It looks like disabling the progressbar is going to be the only solution, and I'm working on a build that will do that.
By fv
Great, I need to get some work done for a client in Saudi Arabia before Sunday.

Parsing the document is also absorbing a lot of the time exporting.
By JDHill
Please hit Cancel in the progress dialog and fall back to the ruby exporter. It is slower, but not always very much.
By JDHill
Please try the 3.2.2 beta I just uploaded to the betas page - it should work as fast as normal, but there won't be any updating of the progress bar (on El Capitan).
By JDHill
I hear you on that -- here's hoping it goes as smoothly as possible, Sir.
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