By Jodie Jo Jodidio
Hi there

What conditions need to be in place for the grass feature to work? If I group a polygon and name it in order to apply the grass feature, the plugin often doesn't acknowledge that the named group has been selected (and all options are greyed out in the pop up).

In other cases, the plugin has acknowleged the selection and grass is enabled... but nothing shows up in the renders.

What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks :)
By JDHill
As long as you are selecting a group, the controls in the grass window should be enabled (it's fine, but not required to give the group a name), so if you have a specific set of steps by which I could observe it not doing so, please let me know. In that case, also please let me know which version of the plugin and SketchUp you are using, as well as your OS and version.

As far as grass being enabled, but not rendering, the only possibility that comes to mind would be that it is working fine, but that the faces are pointing in the wrong direction. Grass will grow in the direction of the face normal, i.e. the front of the face in SketchUp. I'll never understand why, but the default in SketchUp is to draw a face upside down; the direction is then flipped, as soon as you push/pull the face.
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