Question. When creating scenes for interiors we generally end up using the same furniture, lights and objects like books and vases across projects.

If we, for example, have a sofa set up with all the materials assigned can it be copied across and retain it's properties? I'd like to set up a library of objects were I have everything set up in advance -including IES lights in shades.

In summary, do objects assigned materials copy across files without losing their properties?

Thanks again.
There are a few cases to consider. A material with no external dependencies (i.e. referenced MXM files, textures, etc) is just some data stored on a SketchUp material, and will be copied around as SketchUp sees fit, with no problems. IES files are a special case; since they are small, and since they cannot refer to further files, the plugin copies the IES file contents into the SketchUp material data, rewriting it out to disk for rendering, if necessary. For other external dependencies, and dependencies of those (e.g. an MXM referring to an IES file), you must arrange for these to keep working; of course they won't stop working for no reason on the local machine, but if moving to another, then they must remain available to the plugin, whether by using search paths, or network-located resources. In the latter case, it can be a good idea map a network drive to, say, z:, on all machines, so that paths make sense no matter where files are opened.
Thanks for the reply, you really are doing a great job here.

I've started experimenting with transferring between files. Mostly very successful. I also notice render times can really be boosted with a few of the basic tips floating around. The 225 white for walls really is making a big difference.

I have to say from the price, to ease of use and result this really is a fantastic product. I'm comfortable with Vray, but this is so predictable with its results I can almost change the setting without needing to run tests.

- just let me pay Next Limit to cloud render ;-)
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