By flushit

any tips how to reduce render time

I have a interior render of a office. After 12 hours its just SL 10 and very grainy
(mac, cpu i5 2.9)

3 invisible emitter rectangles + sun setting with constant sky dome
very simple textures and simple geometry / few details
deleted glass in the windows etc.

threads 0 (autodetect)
SL 30
Resolution 1000x450
engine: production

By JDHill
There is not really any special formula for reducing render time, and it is difficult to say why an image might be taking longer than expected, just going from a short text description. I think an emitters + sun scenario may be a difficult one, and that you may want to try using an emitter for the sun, instead; this would be a way of checking whether the issue has to do with the engine prioritizing the emitters over the sun, or vice versa. Another related thing would be to check that the camera settings are realistic, though I assume they could not be too far out -- how does the exposure look if you shoot with the emitters disabled? If you want to upload the model somewhere (dropbox, etc), I can take a quick look and see if I find any subtle issues.
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