dear community,

I'm new to maxwell for sketchup. I love this plugin because it's so easy to use and set up.

I experience some problems with mxm materials and now I'm looking for advices how to fix it.

I downloaded this material http://resources.maxwellrender.com/sear ... =1&id=5017, look at the sample picture, it looks great.
now when I use this material in sketchup, it looks like this:

what is to do so it will look like in the sample picture?

marseille13 wrote: what is to do so it will look like in the sample picture?
zoom in until you see only one tile of the texture... :wink:

The problem is not the material or maxwell, the problem is the noticeable repetition of the texture. It is just too small for such a huge object and it is not even tileable! You need a better/bigger texture.
And the "example render" is a fake. It's not a render using this texture but a photo or the real building...

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