Hi All,

Maxwell for SketchUp v2.7.25 running in SketchUp 8.

I'm working on a project with a colleague but we are not using a network, we are using two separate laptops.

Where should we store mxm files (and texture maps etc) on our respective machines so that the plugin automatically finds them when we open the model on either of our computers? So when we render the model in Fire, it uses textures with normal maps etc to produce the best image.

We think the plugin should be able to find these without us having to relink the path to each mxm - is this right? Thanks.

There are a few approaches:
  • 1. Keep MXMs and the textures they reference next to the SKP file. The plugin will search there automatically, if a file cannot be found. Optionally, you can put them in a "textures" subfolder, since the plugin will look there, too.

    2. Use a pre-agreed-upon folder that is found on either machine using the same path. Something outside the home folder, in other words.

    3. Don't do anything special, and rely on the plugin's Options > Search Paths to find missing files.
Those would be a few ideas, anyway -- I hope you find them helpful.

* And since I have this in mind, for people on Windows, you can map a drive letter to a local folder, such that files are able to be found using the same path on either machine. It is not immediately obvious that you can do this, since the "Map network drive" wizard in Explorer appears to imply there has to be a network involved. However, you can enter the UNC path for the local machine, e.g. \\computername\some_folder, and map that to, say, the Z: drive, so that you are able to refer to files in some_folder as Z:\some_folder\some_file.ext.
Thanks for the response,

We are effectively using your Option 2, but there are sub folders within this for different types of material - e.g. wall, floor, etc and then further sub-folders for each individual material which contain texture files and the mxm - e.g. 'Asphalt', 'Paving Blocks 1' etc.

When opening the model on the machine that it was not originated on, the plugin does not automatically find the mxm's or the textures (we presume the texture maps have to be in the same file locations that they were made in within the material editor?).

So how do we get the plugin to automatically find everything?!

Thanks again.

Well first, let's say you have referenced an MXM at the path:
  • /work/projects/materials/tile/travertine.mxm
If this path is present and accessible on both machines, the MXM will be found. If it is not, that would indicate the MXM had been moved after having been assigned in SketchUp (the path is a simple string stored on the associated SketchUp material, and it doesn't convey any machine-specific information). Provided that it is found, the textures it references will also be found, provided they are located here:
  • /work/projects/materials/tile/texture.jpg
Or here:
  • /work/projects/materials/tile/textures/texture.jpg
In other words, once the MXM is found, the plugin checks for its textures at the MXM location, and in a "textures" subfolder at the MXM location, if one exists. Of course, no searching will be necessary, if the textures referenced are actually present at the paths indicated in the MXM file itself.

However, this aside, and more specifically regarding your last question, the only way for the plugin to automatically find things is to open Scene Manager > Options and add Search Paths as necessary (they will all be searched to the depth specified, so use the paths, and the depth, with some care). You need to provide a hint like this, since without it, the only way of finding an arbitrary file is to search the entire file system.
Thanks again, very helpful.

One last thing regarding the Search Paths;

We've tried to add Search Paths but the dialogue box doesn't let you pick folders, only files.

Presuming you don't mean that we have to add a path for every mxm (I don't think you mean this) how can we add a search path to a folder? If of course this is what you mean.



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