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By novena
hi there,
since I updated my licensed version of the plugin to the latest one, I noticed this issue:
in Scene Manager/camera I set manually exposure parameters lets say to fstop 11, shutter 60, film ISO 400. when I open same file again, or just by closing the scene manager the exposure settings are turned to fstop 5.6, shutter 522.45, film ISO 100. But when rendering it seems to keep the parameters set manually, if I want to make a slight change on the parameters then it turns a bit anoying because the manually set parameters are not saved.
the same issue is happening with the Maxwell fire settings (SL and threads).
this happens even if I update the sketchup scene, in both versions of Maxwell for SU licensed and free.

is somebody else experiencing this issues??? any ideas???

my system:
Sketchup 8
win 7 64 bit

thanks in advance
By JDHill
Thanks, I confirm issues with some UI values not being initialized correctly when showing the dialogs. Please download this zip file, use the two files it contains to replace the corresponding files in your SketchUp Plugins\maxwell\html\js directory, and then please confirm for me that it solves the problem.
By JDHill
Thanks for confirming, and yes, it should work the same for the free or licensed Standalone plugin, or the Render Suite plugin, as this part of the code is common between them all.
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