I just bought the Maxwell for sketchup, I installed it, activated it successfully but when I go to the maxwell fire settings and set the resolution to the max (1920px) it stays to 800x437px.

How I can set the resolutuion to the max?

Thanks in advance
bonne journée

for infos:
windows 7 64bits,
Sketchup pro 816846

I installed before the free version of Maxwell for Sketchup.
The desired resolution is set in Scene Manager > Camera. This is then resized according to the Max Res. value set in Maxwell Fire > Settings. The purpose of this dual system is to allow rendering at a small resolution in Maxwell Fire, without actually disturbing the resolution set in the camera. So generally, you may set Max Res. to a small value while working with the scene, to minimize the CPU load and make things faster, before then setting it higher to render your final image.
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