By formzizzle
Hi Folks. I'm happy to be writing my first post in this forum. I know there is a lot to learn and this is certainly the best way.
My thanks to the peeps who made the b3d plugin.
My first concern is about IES. Once I light a scene with say an IES file from ERCO and did a render, usually my scene is really dark that I have to result into jacking up the intensity. Does this make my scene inaccurate in terms of lighting?

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By pylon
The IES lights contain very accurate intensity information. In general, IES lights are going to be many times less intense than, say, a physical sky, so you will need to compensate your exposure.. in Maxwell, it's just like real life photography.

I'm glad you are enjoying the plugin.
By formzizzle
Thanks for the response and making this forum active.
Umm. One question.. How can I increase the image resolution of my renders? I'm doing a job right now and the resolution is not that crisp.
Thanks again and more power to pylon!
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By pylon
Hi Steve
By default, the Maxwell rendering will be same size as your Bonzai3d model viewport (scale factor: 100%). There is a parameter in the render options 'image' tab where you can increase/decrease the scale factor of the rendering as a percentage.
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