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By Tok_Tok

I'm working with the AE plugin for the first time and I'm wondering if it is possible to change the intensity of the MXI sequence, the MXI extractor does not seem to have this option. In photoshop it is possible to use the intensity adjustment layer and I don't know which effect I can use for this is AE.

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By Tok_Tok
A comp named “Multilight” containing all the light buffers in “linear dodge” mode. Furthermore, the “Exposure” effect is applied to each light buffer to adjust the intensities easily.
I did not render with multilight on because of the speedincrease that gives me, but I can't add the exposure effect manually. So how do I change the intensity for MXI's without multilight?
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By Brany
If you want to adjust the intensity globally, just create a "Comp" from the MXI (i.e. right click on the mxi on the project pannel -> "New Comp from selection". And then, just add the Exposure effect to the comp.
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