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By javigon
I´m trying to use the Maxwell Render plugin for Nuke on Mac os 10.6 and 10.7 and I have always the same error when loading the MXIreader:
"/Users/user/.nuke/mxiReader.dylib: plugin did not define mxiReader"

Any idea?

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By Brany
That error occours when you try to load the mxiReader module as a Nuke node. Is that case? The mxiReader module is not a Nuke node, it is a file format loader, so you don't need to load the mxiReader anyway. It allows you to load MXI files as you can do with EXRs, JPGs or any other image format in Nuke.

If it is not the case, please give more info (Nuke version, 32 or 64 bits...)

Best regards.
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By javigon
Ok, I understand. This was the problem. I was doing this because in the mac version I can´t see the "load EXR" button like in the video. Isn´t this option in the mac version?
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