By cgbeige
I don't know what broke but suddenly most of my MXIs just read indefinitely or get errors on read. I'm in OS X with Nuke 6.0v7
By cgbeige
here is the STDOUT from Nuke if it's any help:

10-08-02 5:55:55 PM [0x0-0x131131][5248] [mxiReader] Error reading the MXI file header (/Volumes/HOME_RAID/WORK/turbosquid_models/magazineplaceholder/images/magazine_thegoods.mxi).
10-08-02 5:55:55 PM [0x0-0x131131][5248] read: /Volumes/HOME_RAID/WORK/turbosquid_models/magazineplaceholder/images/magazine_thegoods.mxi: Reader did not set bounding box
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