By AlexP
Hi Brany,

Now when I open mxi files saved with scattering enabled it takes really long to load them. With V3 scattering will be opencl accelerated. Will it be in plugin too? Will it be possible to add/adjust scattering after loading mxi?

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By Brany
The scattering is accelerated for editing that parameter in the maxwell.exe render viewer, not for generate the image itself! The proccess that generates the image with the scattering has no changes in V3.

Maxwell 2
load image with scattering (slow) -> edit scattering value -> update the render with the new scattering value (slow)

Maxwell 3
load image with scattering (slow) -> edit scattering value (image updated fast in the viewer) -> edit scattering value (image updated fast in the viewer) -> .... -> update the render with the new scattering value (slow)

That improvement is for accelerate the lighting settings of the scene, so you don't have to update the whole image each time you try a new scattering value.
By AlexP
Ok I see.
Still though scattering takes ages to load with photoshop, it refreshes faster inside render window... (maybe because it's applied to individual layers instead of whole image)
Are there any chances that you can add scattering option inside photoshop/ae to be able to set it after loading mxi and tune?
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By Brany
If there is multilight, scattering is applied to each light (and the whole render), so yes, it will be much more slower in photoshop when ML is ON.

An effect plug-in for PS for scattering and diffraction was always on the table, and the posibility of select which layers the user wants lo load too. Maybe in a near future we can have that, meanwhile you can use tiffs or exrs.
By AlexP
From my point of view selecting layers is not so necessary, rule is: when I render some layers I just need them, I save time turning layers before rendering.
Effect plugin is what I look for most as there is just no replacement for it... And maybe glare option too (not that one from diffraction as you just cant do things like this with it:
By kami
Opening files with scattering enabled really takes ages to open in Photoshop.
I had one lately. Recalculation the scattering in Maxwell took about 2 minutes (done without the graphics acceleration as the size of the image is too large with around five lights in multilight). Opening the same file in Photoshop took 30 minutes ...
So I'll end up saving a tiff out of Maxwell and opening that one in Photoshop in the future.
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